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We believe everyone should be able to live the retirement they’ve always wanted. Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” retirement plan, we believe in a tailored plan with your needs, values and goals at the heart of it all. At Raleigh Wealth Solutions, we can help you better understand and manage your finances, reduce the stress of retirement planning and enjoy your retirement the way you have always dreamed, with income to last.

Your Retirement Reset

When we review your portfolio, we’ll take a look at your current financial situation and help discover where your retirement goals lie and how we can help you get there.

Our Comprehensive Planning Review (CPR) will help you define your values and goals and move toward a plan to reach them. Our Second Opinion Service (SOS) is ideal if you’ve been following a plan — or have a partial plan in place — but want to ask questions or explore whether you’re still on the right track.

We offer services in these three areas:


Prepare for retirement by putting your hard-earned assets to work.



Retirement Income Strategies
Wealth Management

Institutional-Level Investing

Our select families are great savers. If you are like them, you have graduated from retail-level investing to institutional-level portfolios and models. When you work with Raleigh Wealth Solutions, you access a professional network that includes some of the largest money managers in the world and their elite investment classes. Our clients can draw upon over 89 portfolio models from more than 14 money managers, to create the strategy best aligned with their individual risk tolerance.

If you are at or near retirement, you may have four options for your employer-sponsored retirement plan:

  • Leave the money alone, which potentially may involve incurring higher investment costs, limited choices and possible tax consequences for your estate
  • Take the cash and pay ordinary income taxes, plus perhaps a 10% penalty tax if you are younger than 59 1/2
  • Transfer the money to another employer-sponsored plan (if the plan allows)
  • Roll the money over to an IRA

By design, IRAs offer more versatility than 401(k)s. They are highly customizable in the areas of investment options and beneficiary strategies. Plus, rolling over from one qualified plan to another allows your money to continue growing tax-deferred until you receive distributions. Let us help you determine if a rollover is right for you!


Protect the assets that can help you live the retirement you’ve always imagined.



Asset Protection Strategies
Tax-Efficient Strategies
Long-Term Care Strategies

Life insurance as a financial instrument provides both living and post-life benefits. In addition to the death benefit it provides for your beneficiaries, there are other benefits you can use during your lifetime. While you are alive, a properly designed strategy can provide you with income you can use for long-term care, thereby helping to reduce or even eliminate your need to dig in to other assets.

Additionally, life insurance can provide you with a retirement income that is free from government-mandated age restrictions.1 As a death benefit, life insurance can help your loved ones in the event of your passing. Most importantly, a well-structured life insurance policy receives favorable tax treatment on both its living and death benefits. Any cash value grows tax-deferred; if structured properly, withdrawals are tax-free; and death benefits are received tax-free.


Provide for the people and causes you care about the most.



We understand that the dreams you have for your money may extend past your lifetime. At Raleigh Wealth Solutions, we focus on the “3 W’s” of legacy planning: what, where and when. Our goal is to ensure that what you want to leave behind will go where you want it to go when you want it to. Most importantly, we seek to achieve these objectives in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

We can also refer you to professionals who provide the following services:

Charitable Giving
Estate Planning
Tax Planning

[1] Policy loans will reduce available cash values and death benefits, and may cause the policy to lapse or affect any guarantees against lapse. Additional premium payments may be required to keep the policy in force. In the event of a lapse, outstanding policy loans in excess of unrecovered cost basis will be subject to ordinary income tax. Policy loans are not usually subject to income tax unless the policy is classified as a modified endowment contract (MEC) under IRC Section 7702A. However, withdrawals or partial surrenders from a non-MEC policy are subject to income tax to the extent that the amount distributed exceeds the owner’s cost basis in the policy. Loans, withdrawals or partial surrenders from a MEC policy are subject to income tax to the extent of any gains in the policy, and if the payment occurs prior to age 59 ½, a 10% federal additional tax may apply.


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