Champions of the Community

Raleigh Wealth Solutions has started a “Champions of the Community” segment on the radio where we highlight members of the community who are going above and beyond to make our community a better place to live and work. If you would like to nominate someone to be featured as a “Champion of the Community”, please email
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Tim Chlopowicz

With Second Chance Adoptions


Tim is a volunteer with Second Chance Pet Adoptions who has helped raise over $50,000 for the organization. He started raising money in July of 2020 when North Carolina was the 3rd highest state for pet euthanasia in the country. During his time with Second Chance Pet Adoptions, he has helped over 1,900 cats/dogs find adoptive homes, has rescued over 850 cats/dogs through their transport program, and has helped fund spay/neuter surgeries for over 2,300 animals. Tim has gotten donations from 33 different states and eight different countries so far. To learn more about Tim's work with Second Chance Adoptions, click the button below.

Kara Mulligan

With Friends of Wake Gal


Kara is a board administrator for Friends of Wake GAL which is a nonprofit organization in Wake County that helps support kids in foster care. Raleigh Wealth Solutions has worked with this organization for the past two years, raising over $20,000 and creating a financial literacy program for them. In Wake County, there are currently 429 kids in foster care. GAL provides an advocate for each of these children to ensure they can get the things they need like tutoring, equipment to play sports, scholarships once they turn 18, and more. For more information about volunteering or partnering with this organization, you can click the button below.

Roxanne Blackburn

With Granville County Animal Shelter (GCAS)


Roxanne Blackburn has been a volunteer at the Granville County Animal Shelter (GCAS) for eight years. She is the shelter’s “Volunteer Rescue Coordinator.” Her responsibilities include serving as an adoption counselor, contacting animal rescues, and coordinating transportation for animals to arrive safely at their rescue or foster families. Roxanne answers messages and phone calls 24/7 to assist the community in reuniting lost pets with their families. Her efforts are responsible for reuniting hundreds of lost animals with their happy owners! In addition to her work at the GCAS, Roxanne founded a 501(c) called “Rocky’s Bridge, Inc.” This organization helps provide vet care for owners who love their pets but may not have the financial stability to afford vet care. “Rocky’s Bridge Inc.” also provides medical care for animals currently in the shelter that need more stabilization or surgeries than the shelter can afford. In 2021, Roxanne won the Governors Medallion Award for Volunteer Service. To learn more about GCAS, click the button below.