Second Opinion Service

Get a Second Opinion With Raleigh Wealth Solutions

What to expect when you come in for a second opinion:

Discovery Meeting:

  • Meet with an advisor to get to know one another.
  • Discuss your goals, values, and plans for the future.
  • Create an open dialogue moving forward.

Investment Plan Meeting:

  • Analyze portfolio performance.
  • Evaluate risk.
  • Explore asset allocation.
  • Assess cost and tax impact.
  • Examine investment policy statement.

In the Full Client Experience, there will be three+ additional meetings:

  • The Mutual Commitment Meeting, in which we formally agree to work together.
  • A 45-Day Follow-Up Meeting to organize account paperwork.
  • Additional Progress Meetings to review progress and implementation of your new advanced plan.
It never hurts to know more about your current situation. If you’re unsatisfied with your current financial advisor, or if you have questions, contact us today for a complimentary second opinion.
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